Dr. Mensah, MD, DO, PhD

Anti-aging medicine is a clinical specialty which focuses on early detection, prevention, treatment, and reversal of age-related dysfunction, disorders, and diseases.  It is a very innovative discipline, much of the research in the field is on the cutting edge of medical knowledge as practitioners research to prolong the healthy lifespan of humans. 

Dr. Mensah is a uniquely specialized practitioner who aims to improve and prolong the vitality of those he treats with an integrated approach the medicine. He practices natural medicine and relies upon naturally occuring compounds to achieve wellness objectives.

But care is more than merely treating the body. Dr. Mensah believes that the health of the body and of the spirit are inextricably linked. There is untold healing potential in caring for the spirit. Dr. Mensah believes that the wellness of an individual can be profoundly improved by the Holy Spirit as healer. Dr. Mensah encourages those in treatment to consider and connect in their own way to their spiritual selves for healing and wellness.